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William H. David B. Wolfe and Rober Snyder: Ageless Marketing. Leading-Edge Boomers to are impassioned idealists and social activists.

Conscious aging not only acknowledges that we get older but celebrates it.

Their younger siblings share idealism in many areas, but they are more pragmatic — some would say, realistic. Nevertheless, both cohorts share many common meta-values. Both famously distrust large institutions and government. Both value personal freedom and individual self-expression over received authority. Further, because of the long-term impact of many social movements that dominated the sixties, both groups firmly respect racial and cultural diversity, believe in safeguarding the environment, insist upon equality between the sexes, and seek personal expression and individual liberty as central to the American experience.

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Both Boomer cohorts have more in common than differences between Boomers and younger or older generations. Pontell uses demographic slight-of-hand to make his Gen. Jones cohort appear larger, more economically viable than the Leading-Edge group.

Demographers and sociologists have for decades agreed that the Leading-Edge Boomers were born between and , and include 38,, Americans, according the National Center for Health Statistics. Trailing-Edge Boomers, born between and , include 37,, Americans. A critical factor delineating a Leading-Edge from a Trailing-Edge boomer is to determine when an individual reached adolescence. Thus, those born in had celebrated their 19th or 20th birthdays by the end of the war. This war was the single most influential factor in the Leading-Edge Boomer coming-of-age zeitgeist.

The Most Frightening Yet Most Important Retirement Rule That Baby Boomers Still Need To Break

Pontell makes many excellent points in helping us understand historical nuances and the influence of pop culture on cohort characteristics. Posted at PM in Marketing Permalink. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Interesting article. As a leading-edge boomer, I'd have to agree with you on the Vietnam war affecting us boomers.

That and the hippie scene for us who weren't into the war and felt it was morally corrupt, and well, didn't care to participate in it. Brent, welcome to the blogosphere!

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

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Bring your sense of humor and join a laid-back, international forum of straight talkers who generously offer common sense to support those who need it and laugh with those who embrace the funny sides of aging.

Behavioral Determinants of Healthy Aging: Good News for the Baby Boomer Generation

Fierce with Age Carol Orsborn, Ph. This charming blog is written with purpose and passion by Kristine Drake, a native of Norway. This is a very important point. People born toward the beginning or end of a generation share some aspects of the previous or following one.

Millennials Are Doomed To Face An Existential Crisis That Will Define The Rest Of Their Lives

Hero generations are usually raised by protective parents. Heroes come of age during a time of great crisis. Howe calls them heroes because they resolve that crisis, an accomplishment that then defines the rest of their lives. Following the crisis, heroes become institutionally powerful in midlife and remain focused on meeting great challenges. In old age, they tend to have a spiritual awakening as they watch younger generations work through cultural upheaval.

The G. Generation that fought World War II is the most recent example of the hero archetype. They built the US into an economic powerhouse in the postwar years and then confronted youthful rebellion in the s. Artists are the children of heroes, born before and during the crisis. They are, however, not old enough to be an active part of the solution. Highly protected during childhood, Artists are risk-averse young adults in the post-crisis years. They see conformity as the best path to success. They develop and refine the innovations forged in the crisis.

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Artists experience the same cultural awakening as heroes but from the perspective of mid-adulthood. They married early and moved into gleaming new s suburbs. The Silent Generation went through its own midlife crisis in the s and s before entering a historically affluent, active, gated-community retirement. Prophet generations experience childhood in a period of post-crisis affluence. Having not seen a real crisis, they often create cultural upheaval during their young adult years.

In midlife, they become moralistic, values-obsessed leaders and parents.

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  8. A great many baby boomers, as well as those further along in years, are hearing an inner call to age consciously, and are seeking support in responding to that call. As the CAA correctly explains it, conscious aging is steeped in the truism that over the course of thousands of years, many civilizations venerated those who had lived the longest, a practice that was viewed as important to the health of the whole society.

    Elders also were responsible for reciting the narratives that related the story and central beliefs of the society in order to ensure the wellbeing of future generations. Elders were seen as having evolved into a position of individual completeness so that they could act as role models for their community. Encouraging this to happen is the essential mission of conscious aging. To that point, the INS has recognized nine actions to help older individuals fully embrace being alive:.

    With getting older as natural and universal experience as can be, conscious aging is destined to gain cultural currency in the years ahead as America and the rest of the world become appreciably grayer. Lawrence R. Samuel, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together.